To learn more about the application process, please scroll over the questions below. If you require further clarification on the application process, please e-mail the Admissions department at renaissancehse(at)

    What is Renaissance House? A safe place to create.

    Who is eligible to apply? Any creative person.

    Can international artists apply? Yes.

    Is Renaissance House open year round? Yes.

    How long is a residency? Either one or two weeks.

    Can one stay longer than two weeks? On occasion, depending upon the circumstances, yes.

    May I apply with my partner, spouse or children? At this point, only in the Harlem Branch.

    How do I know that my application has been received? We will notify you upon receipt.

    I use a professional name that is different from my legal name. Which name should I use on the application? Both.

    My work falls into more than one discipline. May I apply in more than one? Yes.

    Do I have to pick a subdiscipline? No.

    I don't have professional documentation or training. Should I bother to apply? Yes.

    May I send a resume? Yes.

    Where can I find the discrimination policy? You can view our discrimination policy on this page

    Regarding work samples:

    Will you return my work samples? No.

    I am a literature applicant, but do not have a published work. Is that okay? Yes.

    How does Renaissance House view visual work samples? Electronically.

    I am a composer, and do not use scores in the creation of my compositions. Am I eligible to apply? Yes.

    Regarding the selection process:

    How many artists apply to Renaissance House each year and how many are accepted? Over the course of a year approximately 400 applicants apply for 45 slots.

    Who reviews my application? A panel of peers.

    How often do the admissions panels change? Annually.

    When was Renaissance Founded? 2001.

    Who are some of the famous people who worked at Renaissance House? Belva Davis, Shaina Mahaffey, Carole White.

    How is Renaissance House Funded? We have no endowment. We depend upon donations and fees.

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Accepting applications for 2023!

(Closed for 2022)